What We're About

Based in Flagler County, Florida, Flagler Tallow Co. provides local-made, small batch, traditional skincare products to simplify the way you nourish & care for your skin.

My goal is to provide families with a truly clean and effective product that is free from toxins and harmful ingredients. Health doesn't have to be complicated and healing can be achieved by a series of small changes such as the products we put on our skin.

The Flagler Tallow Co stands on traditional values of faith, family & freedom.

Who We Are

I'm a Kingdom building, freedom loving, wifey, girl mom, dog lover who began a journey of healing & wellness for my family shortly after my first daughter was born. One of the first swaps I made was the products we used on our skin. So many companies offer "clean" solutions but still have ingredients that I just don't know what they are or where they come from or why they are there in the first place. After going through a season of dry, red and cracked hands, I searched for a balm that could not just moisturize but truly nourish my skin. I discovered tallow and was blown away by the almost immediate results...so I began making balms for the whole family. I was never one for expensive night creams, but tallow balm quickly became a part of my nightly routine. Our kids spend most of their time playing in the dirt and sand which leaves us with cuts, scrapes, bug bites and burns. Tallow has become our go-to remedy for all of these problems and more, providing a simple and minimalistic solution for our healthy little home.

With a passion for things homemade, after years of being told "you should sell this!", I finally took the leap of faith with my Tallow Balms. I hope you & your family benefit from this superfood for your skin as much as my family does :)

Our Ingredients

I source my tallow from a family owned, Florida farm who follows strict protocols in raising their cows 100% grass-fed & finished, without the use of pesticides and pharmaceuticals. They focus on healthy animals and holistic land management practices. Grass-fed tallow has substantially higher levels of nutrients than tallow from conventionally raised cows.

Our essential oils are carefully selected from companies that 3rd party test for purity & safety. Each oil was thoughtfully chosen for its benefits to our skin. These oils are also all non-photosensitive to ensure safety when used in the sun.

Our hemp seed oil is organic, non-GMO and unrefined, providing a pure ingredient to create a smooth & nourishing balm. I chose this oil to blend with my tallow because it furthers the benefits to your skin and is completely non-comedogenic.